Applying to be a tutor

  • Schools handle the application process which varies among schools. Relevant contact details are available on School websites.

Casual tutors 


  • Information about salaries for Casual tutors can be found in Academic staff casual salaries. Under a casual tutor appointment, in addition to the salary schedules,  the University will also pay a superannuation contribution to Unisuper

Information for Scholarship holders and International Students

  • In general, scholarship holders have employment restrictions, which may limit the number of paid hours worked.
  • International students are not automatically given the right to work when they are issued with a student visa. Check the conditions of your visa.

Employment and payroll information

  • Schools are responsible for making sure that tutors get paid. To this end they provide forms for necessary information, such as tax file numbers and banking details. Schools either request this information from tutors with a letter offering a position or distribute forms during induction sessions

Claiming Payment

  • To claim payment, staff are required to submit a timesheet for hours worked. The lodgement of this form is required fortnightly. Your School will provide you with information on how to do this using the online myAurion timekeeper system.
  • Pay day at UQ is every second Thursday. It takes at least two weeks for the University to process these forms so the first pay may take longer than two weeks to be deposited into the designated account.