Working as a tutor, you may encounter a number of difficult situations with your students. These are grouped below under the headings of:

  • Personal problems affecting students
  • Student complaints about academic matters
  • Difficult classroom situations and
  • Workplace issues for tutors.

It is very important to let your course coordinator know if you have serious concerns about any of your students.

Students who approach you with administrative problems, such as enrolment, examination issues or  changing programs, can be referred online to the current students website, myAdvisor, or to the Student Centres for face-to-face consultation.

The Policies and guidelines page of this website contains links to many of the University policies and procedures which relate to your role as a tutor.

Personal problems affecting students

Students may approach you for help with non-academic issues. While it is important to deal with students empathically, it is not your role to solve their problems.

The best way of helping students is to redirect them to the broad range of support services that the University provides. The University has a variety of resources for students who need information, advice, or are having problems with, accommodation, parking, money, study, career choice, computing or their personal lives. This information can be found on the myAdvisor 'Help with ...' pages

The 'Additional information for .... pages in myAdvisor provide information about support services for specific groups of students, including International students, and Students with a disability.  You might wish to familiarise yourself with the services available so you can let students know about them.

If a student is experiencing a problem for which urgent attention is required, you should consult with your course coordinator.

If the student has a health or psychiatric emergency, you should call Campus Security on (336) 53333, 24 hours a day. Campus security coordinates the response to all emergencies on campus.

Student complaints about academic matters

Students may have a grievance about the teaching and learning, particularly assessment, matters in the course in which you are tutoring. Your school or course coordinator should provide you with guidance about the ways in which these matters should be addressed.  Students with issues relating to the marking of assignments and exams, can be referred to the myAdvisor page, What if you're unhappy with a result, which gives guidance on the steps which can be taken, as well as providing links to relevant UQ policies.

Workplace  issues for tutors

As a tutor, you may have issues with your course coordinator. You may feel that you are not being remunerated according to University policy or that you have not been given appropriate guidance to carry out your duties. Your school should provide you with advice as to the procedure you should use to discuss these issues. In general, you should attempt to resolve the problem with the staff member concerned. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, bring the matter to the attention of the Head of School.

The Staff Grievance Resolution Policy outlines the University’s policy and procedures in regard to staff grievance resolution.