Before you start teaching, your school should provide you with a duty statement or contract, and information about the training and resources available to you.

Duty Statement or Contract

This should include:

  • The number of hours you are expected to work and how these are divided among your duties
  • Whether or not you are expected to attend lectures
  • Your particular duties, for example, leading tutorials, conducting laboratory sessions, marking assignments, lab reports or examinations, managing on-line activities, etc.

Induction and Training

  • The school should provide you with information on the type of tutor training, induction, mentoring available to you.
  • Tutor training normally includes material both on conducting tutorials and assessing students' work.
  • All UQ staff, including casuals, are required to complete Mandatory OH&S and HR Staff Training online modules.

Planning for the Semester

  • The coordinator of your course should inform you of how you will be supervised, for example, weekly meetings, regular email correspondence.
  • The coordinator of your course should provide you with a tutorial plan for the semester.
  • If relevant, the coordinator of your course will enrol you as an instructor on the course e-learning (Blackboard) site.


  • As a staff member, you will have staff Library borrowing privileges
  • Your school will inform you of the resources available to you. Resources may include:
    • Textbooks, lecture notes, references/readings, or lab manuals
    • Office or room to meet students
    • Phone access
    • Photocopying, printing and stationery allocations
    • Staff ID card/swipe access card, room keys