Meeting rooms on the fifth level of the Brian Wilson Chancellery (BWC) are primarily used for Central University Committees and general University meetings.  Meeting rooms in the J.D Story Building (JDS) are primarily used for general University meetings.  Priority will be given to Central University Committees.

Conditions of Use

  • Meeting rooms will not be used for personal activities under any circumstances.
  • No activity other than that initially indicated is to be held in the room/s booked and no other facility should be used without prior approval.
  • It is the responsibility of the organiser of a meeting to ensure the room booked is appropriate for the specific meeting.
  • Please ensure adequate time for meetings incase they run over time.  Rooms are often booked back to back.
  • No students are permitted to book/use BWC or JDS meeting rooms (with the exception of Disciplinary Committees) unless specifically authorised by a member of the senior executive.
  • The BWC level 5 kitchen is a communal kitchen and it is an expectation that this space is maintained and kept clean by all users.  All equipment located within this kitchen is available for use within the meeting rooms on BWC level 5 only.  Equipment must be returned, cleaned and placed back in its original location.
  • No food or drink are permitted within the Senate Room.
  • No equipment or furniture is to be removed from any meeting rooms unless authorised by Teaching Space Management staff.
  • No objects, notices etc. are to be affixed to meeting room walls, doors, furnishing or fixtures.
  • It is the responsibility of the meeting organiser to arrange and rearrange furniture to suit the particular needs and ensure that furniture is left in its original arrangement before leaving.
  • Rooms must be left in a tidy condition with all papers and rubbish removed or placed in a nearby waste bin.
  • Moveable partitions between BWC rooms 560/563 and 564 are not to be opened or closed by users.  The partitions can only be operated with a key and may be damaged if forced.  Contact Room Bookings to arrange to open/close the partition.
  • Functions such as Melbourne Cup or Christmas Functions will not be permitted due to the disruption to other meetings scheduled.

Audio Visual Equipment

  • If you intend on using any audio-visual equipment it is recommended that you familarise yourself with its operation before your meeting commences to avoid any potential issues.
  • If using a laptop it is imperative that you first plug the laptop into the correct cable (HDMI or VGA) prior to turning it on.
  • Please use the AMX wall controls to enable the correct data projector display (for rooms with a data projector)
  • Some meeting rooms will require a screen to be pulled down for data projection.
  • Other audio visual equipment not in meeting rooms are available for hire through AV Services x54128
  • All meeting rooms have wireless coverage.
  • All other audio visual enquiries should be directed to x54033.


  • Adaptors or line cords are available via the Switchboard x52000
  • Additional Polycom facilities are available at a cost of $30 per session via the Switchboard x52000
  • If a user wishes to dial to mobiles, STD or ISD a St Lucia PIN is required which will be charged to the extension number logged against that PIN.  A PIN can be obtained from the Switchboard.  After a PIN is obtained, Dial 0, then the mobile/STD number, wait for a special tone, then dial the PIN.

Video Conferencing

  • To dial a number: On Key pad, press Call/Add button and choose the phone number and press Enter.
  • To answer a call:  Press Call/Add to answer a displayed messaged 'Incoming Video Call'
  • For camera control: See Far End (right hand side) on the key pad.
  • To end call:  Either party may press Hang Up.
  • Please remember to press Hang Up button when finish or charges will continue.


  • Meeting organisers must have a confirmed room booking before requesting a catering service
  • Any organised catering must include clean up of materials which are to be removed at the conclusion of meetings, no exceptions.
  • Catering options are available here
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