The below applies to UQ Staff Members wishing to book centrally controlled learning space for UQ operations:

  1. Must adhere to the Available Booking dates available on TSM website homepage.  These dates are necessary due to fluctuating academic timetable changes, which take priority in all centrally controlled teaching spaces. TSM will need to cancel any WRB requests that are submitted outside of these dates.
  1. The staff member who places the booking is responsible for ensuring that the users of the room adhere to booking times, follow etiquette signage (no catering permitted), including the re-setting of furniture at the conclusion of the activity (should furniture be moved). A photo displaying the furniture configuration of each room is found on the TSM website (under Central Teaching Room Search). Please note it is the person who places the booking who will be contacted directly by TSM should issues arise with bookings.
  1. Room bookings can only be placed for standard UQ operation activities e.g. school meetings, seminars, conferences, program information sessions.  Activities that fall outside of UQ operations need to be set up as an external client bookings, following terms of hire (public liability insurance) and room hire charge rates
  1. Bookings cannot be placed on behalf of external organisations due to public liability.  Please ask the external organisation to submit a room booking application form.
  1. Bookings can only be placed on behalf of Student Clubs and Societies if the staff members department is prepared to accept liability for the event (for further information about Student Clubs and Society booking rules, please refer to:
  1. As a general rule, bookings placed by PhD Students and Casual Research assistants will be asked to supply additional information as to what the booking is for. It is preferred that PhD supervisors place the bookings if required for PHD  and research project work.
  1. When typing the “Full Name of Activity/Event” field in the WRB, please do not use acronyms. Please type the activity name in full. If the Ad hoc bookings is related to a course (and it is not an official timetabled activity) please type the course code in brackets e.g. “optional exam practice (ENVM7123)”.
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