Requesting a Booking

Depending on what type of room you are requesting will determine the relevant department:

Requesting a meeting or training room*

Select Department:


Requesting a central teaching room

Select Department:


* Strictly not to be requested for student activity

After requesting a booking the staff member is automatically sent an email with the booking details:


Sent initially as a receipt of the booking request.  On some occasions, you may just receive a Confirmed or Cancelled Booking email only if the request is reviewed straight away


Sent after the booking request is reviewed and approved


Sent after the booking request is reviewed and not approved (or the user cancels the booking)

Staff are able to monitor their current bookings using the my bookings link within the WRB system.  Current bookings are not able to be modified to alternative days/times or venues.  Instead staff need to cancel their current booking, then request another booking.  If staff have imported the booking into their personal calendar, any changes would need to that booking would need to be updated in their calendar manually.

Video Demonstrations

Make a Web Room Booking 

(2m 30sec)

Cancel a Web Room Booking 


 User Manual

The Web Room Bookings manual provides exercises explaining 
How to...

  1. Access to Web Room Bookings
  2. Create a web room booking 
  3. Confirm booking details
  4. Manage bookings


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