Requesting a Booking

Depending on what type of room you are requesting will determine the relevant system used.  Meeting rooms and training rooms are booked using the UQ Book It system.  Central teaching space are requested via the Web Room Booking System.  After requesting a booking a provisional booking email will be sent to the requestor, and a further approval email following review.

Staff are able to monitor their current bookings using the my bookings link within the WRB system or UQ Book It. 

Modifying or Cancelling a Booking

Using UQ Book It, you can modify an existing booking however it will then need to reconsidered for approval.  Please note, you cannot modify bookings in WRB.  Cancelling a booking can be done using the my bookings link.

Video Demonstrations (WRB)

Make a Web Room Booking 

(2m 30sec)

Cancel a Web Room Booking 


 User Manual (WRB)

The Web Room Bookings manual provides exercises explaining 
How to...

  1. Access to Web Room Bookings
  2. Create a web room booking 
  3. Confirm booking details
  4. Manage bookings


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