No. Syllabus Plus is programmed with the Award for Academic Teaching which prevents more than 8 hours of teaching within a day. You will also not be scheduled to teach any classes outside your listed availability. If your circumstances change, it is important to notify the appropriate person within your school so your availability can be modified within Syllabus Plus. If you are unsure of who this person is, please contact your school Timetable Coordinator.

If you require an extra teaching session for a class (such as a mid-semester examination, review session or presentation etc.) please send an email request to your school Timetable Coordinator. The more flexibility in time, location and booking information (room capacity, AV requirements etc.) you can provide, the easier it will be to find a suitable venue for your booking. It is also important to note whether or not the activity will need to be shown on MySi-net.

Please send through Ad-hoc booking requests for classes a minimum of 48 hours prior to the activity, however the more notice the better as in peak teaching periods venue availability is very limited.

If you have a disability (or are aware of a student enrolled in one of your courses that has a disability) which limits your ability to travel across campus or access particular venues, please contact your school Timetable Co-ordinator.  They will work with Teaching Space Management to manage the venues allocated to your courses.

We will make every effort to accommodate disabilities and early notification will assist us to produce the most convenient timetable to meet your needs.

Room Issues

Occasionally you may come across problems in teaching rooms such as air-conditioning not working, a broken clock, missing equipment etc. If you are unable to teach the session (due to a workplace health and safety issue or extreme noise etc.) please call the lecture theatre helpline from the phone in the room (x59111). The Teaching Space Management team will do their best to find an alternative venue for the remainder of the session, however please bear in mind that in peak teaching times there may not be an alternative location available for the class. If you are able to continue to teach your class for the remainder of the session please report your room issue to your Timetable Co-ordinator afterwards.

Audio/Visual Issues

If there is a problem with the Audio/Visual equipment in a teaching room, please call AV Services from the phone in the room (St Lucia x54033 Ipswich x11094 Gatton x50181). AV Services have staff on call throughout teaching hours daily to assist teaching staff with any problems affecting the delivery of their class.

If you have an ongoing issue with any AV equipment in a teaching room, please notify your school Timetable Co-ordinator who will discuss the issue with Teaching Space Management.

Teaching rooms are allocated to activities based on the features required to deliver the class and the number of students enrolled in the class.

When scheduling the timetable, priority is given to those which the Timetable Coordinator identifies as ‘Priority Activities’ Repeat activities such as Tutorials and Contacts are then fit in around the core teaching activities of a course. If there is a sequence required for the running of a course (eg. Lectures must be taught prior to Tutorials), this is also taken into consideration when scheduling the activities.

Teaching Space Management attempts to create the most equitable allocation of rooms based entirely on the teaching requirements for the delivery of the class. Usually for each semester, around 8000 to 9000 activities are scheduled across all four campuses. With the number of classes increasing disproportionately to available space, the only fair way to distribute rooms is via need.

If you have been allocated a venue that does not provide the features required for you to deliver the class adequately, please notify your school Timetable Coordinator.

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