To place an ad-hoc booking in a teaching room for a non-timetabled activity (student event, exam viewing, mid-semester exam, conference etc.) submit a room booking request via the Web Room Booking System. Please understand that ad-hoc bookings can’t always be accommodated due to teaching priorities. Ad-hoc bookings can also be changed or cancelled with late notice if a teaching activity requires the booked venue.

Teaching Space Management does not manage school/faculty teaching spaces.  All requests for ad hoc bookings in these spaces should be directed to the appropriate school/faculty.

If you are having any issues with setting up or changing the SignOn for an activity, please send an email to SiNet Functional Group.

School/Faculty Timetable Coordinators are responsible for inputting relevant information into the Timetable Data Collector (TDC) each semester in order to generate a workable timetable for their school. A draft timetable will be produced and time allowed for change requests before the timetable is published to students.

There is a Timetable Data Collector user guide available via the Timetable Support section on the Teaching Space Management webpage.

The timetable system is set for class timetabling between 8am and 10pm only. Any teaching activities outside these hours must be authorised by the appropriate senior school/faculty staff.

A programme of study (POS) is a single semester of study for a particular degree program. Timetable coordinators will determine POS estimated student enrolment and identify mandatory and optional courses which students need to undertake. Timetabling coordinators need to accurately determine this information in order for students to sign on without clashes in their timetable.

POS are so specific that each plan is split by year level and semester level. For example:

  • 1/BE/CIVIL(MAJ)/01 Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering Major Year 1 Semester 1
  • 1/BE/CIVIL(MAJ)/02 Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering Major Year 2 Semester 1
  • 1/BE/CIVIL(MAJ)/03 Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering Major Year 3 Semester 1

There is no guarantee of receiving a preferred day and time as the timetabling system considers multiple constraints and determines the best possible outcome from this. The opportunity does exist during the draft timetable process to try to get a more suitable timeslot, if available.

Timetable changes made in Syllabus Plus are not immediately visible in SI-net. SI-net will update the timetable every hour, quarter past the hour. It is important that you check SI-net when a change has been made to ensure it is displaying correctly. Please notify Teaching Space Management ( if you find a discrepancy.

Please send an email to outlining the need for change, along with identifying information (course, class type, day, time, venue and host key). Please look for an available alternatives in Syllabus Plus and include this in your email.

Any changes to activities (both existing and new) will need to be requested via the online Change to Published Class Timetable form. Unfortunately change requests sent via email cannot be actioned and you will be asked to submit a Change to Published Class Timetable form.

There could be a few reasons why a particular course is not visible in Syllabus Plus or the Timetable Data Collector (TDC).

1.  The transfer of course information from SI-net to Syllabus Plus is manual and occurs each Friday afternoon when the TDC is open for data entry.  Outside of this window, the transfer occurs on a needs basis.

2.  Within SI-net (Maintain Schedule of Classes - Enrolment Control), the Enrolment Status must be 'Open' and not 'Closed'

3.  Within SI-net (Maintain Schedule of Classes - Basic Data), there must not be a Class Attribute Flag of 'TTBL-NO' which effectively means 'do not timetable'

More than likely this will be after publication of the timetable, so please submit an online Change to the Published Class Timetable form. Checking Syllabus Plus locations for a viable alternative venue would speed up the change process.

Please wait until the enrolment in SI-net has actually exceeded the capacity of a room prior to emailing Teaching Space Management, as priority must be given to classes that have already exceeded enrolment expectations.

You will be able to check room availability via Syllabus Plus: Enterprise Timetabler. A video tutorial is available via the Timetable Support section of the Teaching Space Management webpage.

There is a ‘Room Change Notice’ template located on the TSM website. Use this sign to fill in the activity details, then print it off and place it at the original location. Keep in mind that signs should be removed no later than 24-48hrs after the activity has finished.

If you have made a last minute change to a very large lecture chances are students may bypass any signs you have placed.  Teaching Space Management has larger sandwich boards that can be requested in such an extreme case.  Please contact for assistance.

No. If timetabled activities fall on a public holiday, it is the responsibility of the faculty or school to inform students whether the teaching activity will still go ahead or not. A make-up class can be requested through but only after the timetable has been finalised.

Shared Faculty Locations (Category 2 Rooms) are faculty or school-owned general teaching spaces which have been released for use by other UQ faculties and schools in the timetable. The controlling faculty/school has first preference in these teaching spaces. Once the specific location has been allocated for the controlling faculty or school, the space may then be allocated to others for timetabled classes in teaching weeks. The controlling school or faculty may request the return of the space from a particular activity, even after the draft timetable has been released, provided there is an alternate and viable venue available at the same day/time.

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