What happens to my meetings that I booked in the Web Room Booking system?
You will still be able to view and cancel your bookings via the Web Room Booking system.

Will my approved bookings transfer to UQ Book It?
Your bookings will be in place, but not viewable under the ‘My Bookings’ section.  Bookings in the location calendar will appear as 'unavailable'.

How can I view booking details in each room?
Navigate to the Resources section under Administration.  Click on the 'Location' resource and do a room search.  Finally, click on the calendar icon to view all bookings.

Can I cancel my bookings made in the Web Room Booking system and rebook them in UQ Book It so all my bookings can be managed in the one place?
Yes, however there will be a time delay from when you cancel your bookings to when you’ll see the timeslot available in UQ Book It.  Any new booking requests will need to be reconfirmed by Teaching Space Management.  Also be aware that there is a chance that another staff member might request the same room for the time you want before you are able to request it. 

Who can I speak with to get locally managed spaces on this new system?
Submit an IT request and a member of staff will be in contact to discuss your requirements

Why can’t I book a room beyond 2019?
The central booking database operates on a yearlong calendar system.  It is the same database that manages timetabling for the University.  A new database is configured in August for the following year which picks up key information from the current year to roll over.  This process cannot happen earlier as key information would need to be replicated with high risk of inaccuracy.

I’m having trouble trying to request a meeting/training room, can anyone help me?
Contact roombookings@uq.edu.au or call x60775 to speak to someone directly.


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