General Club Activites

Each Club/Society registered with the UQ Union is afforded a maximum of 15 general club bookings of a maximum of 4 hours duration each Semester during the hours of 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday. 1 room booked = 1 booking.

Rooms are subject to availability and rooms will be allocated according to the size of the club membership (or a smaller capacity if requested).

Rooms include UQ Union Heath, Holt and Innes Rooms, as well as any centrally controlled teaching spaces which can be viewed via the ‘Central Teaching Room Search’ on the Teaching Space Management Website.

The President or Secretary of the club/society is required to email their general club booking requests to the Clubs Administration Assistant - by dates specified by the UQ Union.

Important Information:

  • Booking requests for general club activity must be received by the specified dates
  • General club bookings are not to be used for events (see Student Events section)
  • The requested day/time/location and duration must be consistent week to week and once confirmed will not usually be changed due to the availability of rooms for other UQ activity
  • Presidents/Secretaries – must use their UQ email address to submit booking requests
  • Groups may request dates prior to semester commencement and/or on weekends which will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Catering or any food or drink (with the exception of water) is strictly prohibited in teaching spaces.
  • This process excludes any booking of outdoor space.
  • Student groups are bound by the terms of hire
  • Bookings are subject to change at the discretion of the University
  • All correspondence must be made via

Student Event Bookings

Student Clubs/Societies may request to hold additional events at UQ facilities which under normal circumstances will incur a 50% discounted room hire charge associated with the current room hire charges for central teaching space.

If the event is not associated with the club/society and/or is not endorsed by the UQ Union and the University, 100% room hire charges will apply and the group required to provide public liability insurance to the value of $20 Million (AU).

The President or Secretary of the club/society must email additional event requests to the Clubs Administration Assistant – with at least 6-8 weeks’ notice prior to the date of the event.

As well as general room requirements, additional information required includes:

  • Whether the event a conference, exhibition or awards ceremony
  • Whether any VIP’s will be in attendance
  • Whether there will be catering (not located within teaching rooms)
  • Whether there will be any alcohol present

Fee waiver considerations may be afforded if the Union or other UQ School or Faculty is prepared to cover the costs for the group.  All enquiries about this should be directed to the relevant area.

What is the difference?

A general club activity is usually a consistent weekly session (of up to 4hrs duration) congruent to the expected activities of the club and restricted to valid club members only.

An event is open to more than the club members, has a purpose that is beyond general club business, can involve guest speakers, attendance fees, catering, more than one location, or a larger location and is often a longer duration of time.

General club activities will not be used to hold events.




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