Registered Student Clubs/Organisations must request a booking by submitting a Room Booking Application at least 1 business week prior to the booking.  A Student Group must be registered with the UQ Union prior to requesting a booking.  Please refer to the conditions below before proceeding with a booking request.

All Student Club/Organisation enquiries should be directed to in the first instance.

For all chaplaincy and prayer booking enquries email:  An application form may be required for booking teaching spaces and the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy.

Multi-Faith Prayer Bookings - Application for Hire of Teaching Rooms

Student groups may book centrally controlled teaching rooms under the following conditions.

Please note that all student groups must adhere to the Terms of Hire and Room Etiquette Signage in rooms, whilst also being aware of procedures regarding Overcrowding of Teaching Space (Section 8 Space Management Procedures). Student groups who fail to adhere to these rules, or who cause excessive cleaning costs or repair bills will be unable to book centrally controlled rooms for their student group in future.

 Bookings provided free of charge:

  • Student groups must be registered with the UQ Union.
  • Only the President or Secretary of the registered group can request the booking. The requester must supply their student email address in the request (not Gmail, Hotmail etc)
  • Bookings are for general club activities only that corresponds with the purpose and objectives of the respective club, not on behalf of external clients, guest speakers, the Chaplaincy, fundraising events etc.
  • Up to 15 free sessions per semester will be allowed of up to 4 hours in duration each.
  • Clubs with special club related circumstances may be afforded additional sessions each semester which will be considered by Teaching Space Management on a case by case basis.
  • Room capacity will match registered group size e.g. use of large lecture theatres will only be matched with large groups; if group is 60 in size, they should not require a room larger than 60 capacity for their general meetings..
  • Free Bookings can only be made during set teaching weeks of semester 1 and semester 2, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am-10pm. Weekend bookings may be considered upon request (within the hours of 8am-10pm).
  • Student Groups are able to place bookings in accordance with the Available Booking Dates.
  • Bookings take a minimum of 3 business days to process. Bookings submitted with less than three business days’ notice are unlikely to be considered.

Any booking requests for general club activities for student groups outside of the above criteria (e.g. longer duration than 4 hours, or more than 15 sessions per semester) will be a charged booking, with the group charged at 50% discount of standard hire rate.

Bookings not considered general club activities (e.g. events, ceremonies)

  • If the event is endorsed by the UQ Union as a genuine student club event, a hire charge of 50% of standard cost will apply.
  • The UQ Union will be responsible for supplying Teaching Space Management with a list of UQ Union endorsed events. As with general club activities, these events will be covered by UQ Union insurance.
  • Should events involve VIP attendance (please refer to room bookings form) applications need to be submitted 6-8 weeks in advance, as rooms will only be booked following UQ Protocol Approval, which can take several weeks.  Failure to allow UQ Protocol enough time could result in no room being available to your event.
  • If the club wishes to host an event that is not endorsed by the Student Union, 100% hire charge will apply, and separate provision of public liability insurance would need to be supplied.
  • The only exceptions for fee waivers would be those groups who have applied and gained approval from the Experience, Careers and Employability office; or if the Union or other UQ School or Faculty is prepared to cover the costs for the student group. All enquiries about this should be directed to the relevant area.
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