Dr Victor GaleaOrganisational Unit: School of Agronomy and Horticulture

Dr Victor Galea is an outstanding and dedicated teacher who challenges his students and inspires them to become creative thinkers, problem solvers and reflective practitioners. He is committed to designing and creating a coherent curriculum with stimulating resources, activities and assessment that motivate his students to engage with disciplinary scientific thinking and contemporary research.

Victor’s teaching activities cover the full spectrum of undergraduate level with enrolments of almost 600 internal and external students for first year biology courses. At the postgraduate level he has taught in coursework masters courses and is principal advisor to eight PhD and three MPhil students and associate advisor to three others. Victor believes there is a synergy between the courses he teaches, his field of research and his postgraduate advising which allows each to inform the other.

To achieve his objectives Victor believes in actively engaging students in learning through innovative and authentic learning activities and communication of his own passion for his discipline. He makes his classes interactive and often humorous experiences, using anecdotes to help reinforce real world applications and importance of course material. He prefers to see himself as a guide who assists students through their own learning adventure through the use of carefully designed activities and assessment items.

Victor drew on his own research in plant pathology to develop a highly interactive CD learning resource called “The Virtual Plant Pathology Lab” which assists learners to understand and apply clinical processes to the diagnosis and management of plant diseases. By integrating this with his course website he provides learners with animated and interactive visual diagrams and tasks that illustrate difficult scientific concepts and processes and their effects on plant health.

Victor’s application of internships or real situation professional development is well recognised. He takes a practical and industry focus to his courses and actively encourages his students to apply their knowledge of contemporary issues in professional practice in a safe and guided environment.

Victor’s reputation as a leading educator in Plant Pathology is recognised domestically and internationally.

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