Dr Shelley Dole
Awards for Teaching Excellence Citation

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Dr Shelley Dole is a senior lecturer in mathematics education. She teaches into the Bachelor, Graduate Diploma and Master of Education programs and supervises research higher degree candidates.
Shelley is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher. Drawing on current mathematics education literature and her own research and experience in the classroom, she creates innovative and varied learning scenarios that contextualise the topic at hand and successfully prepare pre-service teachers for work in the school environment. Shelley models good teaching practices so that students simultaneously build their content and pedagogical content knowledge of mathematics. Her approach is hands-on and student-centred. She has a strong belief in the importance of innovative assessment and the need to provide detailed constructive feedback in order to promote deep learning. To develop critical thinking, Shelley encourages students’ reflection on practice through in-class scenarios and group and self- assessment practices. Her confident use of modern teaching spaces, where students can interact in a high-tech environment, provides a valuable experience for future teachers.
Shelley has sustained excellent teaching evaluation survey results throughout her career. Students are motivated by her enthusiasm, energy, thorough preparation and obvious passion for mathematics education. Shelley exhibits excellent rapport with students and is valued as a friendly, approachable and inclusive mentor, a role that often extends into the early stages of students’ teaching careers. Shelley’s thoughtful approach to teaching has been pivotal in transforming mathematics-phobic and avoidance learners into confident innovators and effective teachers.
In addition to being an outstanding teacher, Dr Dole has displayed exemplary leadership in her role as Program Director of the new Bachelor of Education (Primary) program, managing a challenging start-up phase in a highly effective manner. The research project she initiated to follow the long-term development of the beginning cohort of students illustrates her strong commitment to the scholarship of teaching.
Throughout her career, Shelley has been very active in the development of teaching resources. She has a distinguished national reputation as an author of teacher education textbooks on mathematics education. She has co-developed a series of modules on mental computation that enjoy wide acceptance throughout Australia and have influenced the further development of numeracy programs. An invitation to participate as a keynote speaker at the DEST Summer School in 2008 with the title of Distinguished Scholar was a direct result of her work in this area and is strong testament of her leadership in her field. 
Shelley’s continued and sustained activity in mathematics teacher education through attendance at professional education courses and teacher education conferences and workshops both as participant and leader has ensured teaching currency and relevance.
Dr Shelley Dole is an outstanding and inspirational educator whose commitment and leadership have impacted the perspectives and lives of students and staff at this University and beyond, in a powerful and enduring way.


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