Dr Rachel Claire Aland
Dr Rachel Claire Aland
Organisational Unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Claire Aland is an early career teacher who has achieved a great deal in a short time. She teaches to a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate students and has made a significant contribution to the success of the medical program. Her core teaching areas are gross anatomy and histology. However, she also teaches into courses on neuroanatomy and embryology, which demonstrates her discipline and teaching expertise is widely recognised. Her responsibilities extend to the coordination of practical classes and examinations in Anatomy – demanding tasks which she carries out with outstanding efficiency, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Fellow teaching staff and students commend Claire’s knowledge base, enthusiasm, dedication and enjoyable teaching style. She is committed to her students and responds effectively to the difficulties they face in grappling with complex subject matter. Claire considers part of her role as an effective teacher lies in selecting the most important elements of her subject and assisting students to develop a framework that they can continue to use as a basis for learning throughout life. She relates Anatomy to real life situations, and actively involves students in learning by encouraging questions and discussion. Her fresh and innovative approach to teaching is illustrated through her revisions to the Human Biomedical Anatomy program which have raised student enthusiasm for the course to new levels.

Claire Aland is a commited, innovative and empathetic teacher who has responded well to the demands of her chosen calling. She is a worthy winner of an Early Career Teaching Award.

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