Dr Peter Sutton
Dr Peter Sutton
Organisational Unit: School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Dr Peter Sutton is an inspiring and challenging teacher who has applied a high level of professionalism, innovation and dedication to a full range of teaching-related activities.

Peter played a pivotal role in the development of the curriculum and the philosophical underpinnings of the Information Environments Program at UQ Ipswich. More recently, Peter has been responsible for the redesign of the Computer Systems Engineering curriculum, together with the development and initial delivery of its key courses. His strong organisational ability is tested in his role as course coordinator of several large classes in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. He has played a diligent role in academic advising since joining the University and is effectively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate student project supervision.

Students hold Peter in high regard, commenting on the outstanding organisation of his courses and interesting, well-prepared, skilfully-presented lectures. They appreciate his enthusiasm, dedication, and the exceptional level of support he offers, not only through regular face-to-face consultation but also in his extensive use of technology. One of Peter’s key strengths is his regular solicitation of and immediate response to student and peer feedback. As well as utilising more traditional methods, he has established a web page for anonymous feedback for every course he runs and has introduced SMS text messaging for this purpose. Responses to feedback are displayed to students and discussed in class enabling both staff and students to gain a better understanding of the processes of teaching, and helping those in large classes to feel more engaged.

Colleagues acknowledge that Peter has had a major impact on the School, through the quality of his teaching and through his enthusiastic adoption of technology not only in the classroom but also in support of teaching administration. Several computer-based resources developed by him are now widely used within the School. For example, Dr Sutton’s project database and web interface, developed over the past three years to manage steps in the process from project description entry through to determination of final grade, greatly simplifies the lives of students, supervisors and course coordinators. It is currently used to manage over 1000 student projects, supervised by 96 academics and external supervisors in more than 20 different course code offerings over 6 semesters.

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