Dr Nancy Pachana
Dr Nancy Pachana
Organisational Unit: School of Psychology

Dr Nancy Pachana has made an outstanding contribution to teaching and learning in the undergraduate program, postgraduate supervision and leadership in the School of Psychology.

Nancy is an engaging undergraduate lecturer and an inspiring and caring postgraduate teacher and mentor. She combines careful planning and background knowledge with enthusiasm, originality and creativity in her presentations. She uses real experiences and examples to demonstrate the application of basic theory and to foster productive discussion. Nancy constantly refines her teaching and assessment practices and attracts consistently favourable formal and informal feedback on her work. Students appreciate her genuine interest, accessibility, guidance and encouragement.

Nancy has undertaken significant leadership roles relating to teaching and program development in the School of Psychology, chairing a Clinical Curriculum Review Committee, and managing the introduction of an integrated suite of professional doctorates in clinical psychology. Nancy Pachana’s personal passion has been to raise the profile of the study of mental health among older adults through the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in psychology, and also more broadly with health professionals and community members throughout Australia.

As Deputy Head of School, Nancy oversees the undergraduate programs in Psychology, with primary responsibility for coordinating the Bachelor of Psychological Science degree, and chairs the School’s Teaching and Learning Committee. As coordinator of the School’s direct study abroad programs she has been extremely proactive in developing and supporting agreements with leading institutions in the US.

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