Dr Karen MoniOrganisational Unit: School of Education

In her capacity as Director of Secondary Programs, Dr Karen Moni’s responsibilities for teaching and learning within the School of Education are primarily focused within pre-service teacher education. Karen also co-ordinates English curriculum courses and young adult literature courses for the Bachelor of Education and Graduate Diploma programs at St Lucia Campus and Ipswich Campus. At the postgraduate and higher research degree levels, Karen is the principal supervisor of six full-time PhD students, two full-time EdD students and one part-time MPhil student.

Dr Karen Moni is an outstanding and inspirational practitioner. In all aspects of her teaching Karen is committed to developing independent, critical thinkers, creative professionals, and life-long learners. She inspires and challenges her students to reflect on the dilemmas of practice and to consider their own learning behaviours as a means of understanding the teaching and learning contexts in which they will work. She keeps up to date with contemporary educational policy and research findings and takes an active part in professional activities. Karen also seeks to provide experiences aimed at establishing a community of practice in which collaborative learning is encouraged.

Karen has been involved in reviewing assessment practices since her appointment to the School. In 2001 she conducted an AUTC research-funded project that investigated best practices in assessment which has helped to inform approaches to assessment practices within the University.

Karen is the Director and co-founder of the Latch-On R (Literacy and Technology Hands On) program for young adults with intellectual disability. She encourages her students, through guidance and example, to strengthen, develop and extend their skills into the areas of adolescence, intellectual disability, and resource and curriculum development. She is receptive and respectful of her students’ teaching ideas and approaches.

Karen’s teaching practices address the diverse needs of her students. She is able to adapt and modify curriculum, pedagogic practices and assessment strategies to accommodate particular student needs, without compromising the intellectual rigour for Bachelor of Education program requirements. She implements a number of different resources and strategies to address the needs of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic/tactile learners.

Karen exemplifies the teacher qualities that make teaching a wonderful, caring and edifying profession. Her warm and engaging character is unmistakable through all aspects of her teaching. She is a great ambassador for Education and plays a crucial role as an advocate for English and Literacy on all levels.

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