Dr Judith Seaboyer
Dr Judith Seaboyer
Organisational Unit: School of English, Media Studies and Art History

Dr Judith Seaboyer is a passionate and dedicated teacher whose commitment to scholarship is matched only by the quality of support that she provides for her students. Her objectives are to instil in her students a love of language, literature and literary scholarship; to stimulate their ability to think independently, critically and imaginatively; to take responsibility for their own learning; and to achieve a greater understanding of themselves and the society of which they are a part. Judith models exemplary academic and social practice for her students.

To achieve her objectives Judith encourages active participation. She promotes a supportive environment to facilitate peer-assisted learning and believes that by developing cooperative learning habits she will foster in her students a love of learning and sharing knowledge.

Judith teaches and has responsibilities across the variety of levels including undergraduate, honours and research higher degree activity. Her courses at both undergraduate and honours level attract many students and she is a much sought-after supervisor among research students. Whether at the honours or first year level she is able to create innovative, well-resourced and well thought-out courses. Her course evaluations have been consistently excellent. Jude’s personal and intellectually-rigorous approach to teaching provides an ideal model for productive supervision.

Judith is highly regarded by her colleagues for the sustained quality of her teaching and is widely respected as an intelligent and compassionate educator whose extensive knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning generates enthusiasm among her students. Her developing research interest in pedagogy complements and extends her outstanding work in the classroom.

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