Dr Greg Marston
Awards for Teaching Excellence Citation

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At a relatively early stage in his academic career at the University of Queensland, Dr Greg Marston has successfully completed the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching, developed his skills as a dynamic, inclusive and highly effective lecturer in large and small classes, and assumed a leading role in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the School of Social Work and Human Services. 
Greg’s primary contribution to teaching is in the field of Social Policy, a discipline in which he is an active researcher at the national and international level. He regularly draws on this research and his background as a policy practitioner in designing and delivering classroom activities that engage students in discussion on topical issues. His strong links with leaders in the field and their recruitment as guest speakers have provided students with a valued learning experience and invaluable exposure to the variety of work undertaken by policy makers.
Greg’s teaching is characterised by personal warmth and the capacity to establish a strong rapport with a group, a passion for the material that he teaches, and a genuine commitment to student learning and pedagogical innovation. Greg’s approach places considerable emphasis on creative assessment in helping students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. He uses a variety of learning activities that are both research led and geared towards the needs of specific student cohorts. For first year students, for example, he uses reflective journals and creative arts as teaching methods and for postgraduate coursework students, he uses self-directed assessment pieces to enhance the links between academic frameworks and the ‘real world’ of policy practice. 
Greg has successfully developed new courses and redesigned existing ones, resulting in significant improvements in student evaluations. He has co-edited a text on social policy research methods. Greg is also regularly invited to give guest lectures on teaching issues by universities and educational bodies external to the University, as well as seminars on his teaching methods within the School. He is a generous mentor to those around him and a role model for younger staff. 
Dr Marston received a Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence in 2006 and University of Queensland Commendations for Excellence in Teaching in 2007 and 2008.  He was recently appointed Chair of the School’s Teaching and Learning Committee.  In this role, he has established a regular forum for student feedback about school policies and practices.


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