Associate Professor Catherine Turner
Associate Professor Catherine Turner
Organisational Unit: School of Nursing

Associate Professor Catherine Turner is an exemplary educator with impressive achievements in teaching and curriculum development.

Catherine’s teaching experience and responsibilities extend across a broad range of disciplines and programs across many levels and modes. She regularly updates her courses and programs to ensure that they incorporate the most recent developments in their field. She enjoys the challenge of adapting her teaching practices to maximise the use of new technology. She acknowledges the diversity of her student group and promotes the opportunities this provides for the mutual exchange of ideas and learning. Cathy has a strong rapport with her students, treating them with respect, challenging them to reach their true potential and supporting them in their efforts. She regularly seeks evaluation of her teaching and course materials from students and peers to inform, validate and improve her performance. Students value her expertise, enthusiasm, approachability and facility in presenting complex ideas clearly and convincingly.

Cathy has played a significant part in developing the innovative undergraduate nursing program in collaboration with colleagues from Queensland Health, the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The program fosters on-going close partnerships between the health and university sectors thereby ensuring that nursing education is responsive to changes in clinical practice and service delivery. By underpinning the curriculum with an integrated problem-based approach to teaching and learning, Cathy has ensured the implementation of best practice in health professional education.

As Coordinator of Research Higher Degrees in the School of Nursing, Cathy is establishing a sound record of postgraduate supervision and plays a major role in the recruitment, confirmation and ongoing oversight of postgraduate research students, ensuring ready access to space and IT resources.

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