Associate Professor Anne GoldizenAnne Goldizen is Associate Professor in the School of Integrative Biology. She is a behavioural ecologist, studying vertebrate social systems, mating, cooperative breeding and conservation.

Her students describe her as an exceptionally supportive supervisor and skilled mentor, who will assist them with fieldwork as well as their writing.

Anne has successfully supervised 15 research students and has 12 currently under supervision. Many of her students have moved into prestigious postdoctoral or senior management positions in Australia and overseas.

Anne’s skills as a supervisor are evident in the thesis examiners' highly complimentary remarks regarding the quality of her students’ theses. Many of the theses require no or only minor amendments and none have had to be resubmitted. She has developed in her group a strong culture of publication and four of her last six completed PhD students had submitted 3 or 4 papers for publication before they submitted their thesis.

Remarkably, it is also a baseline expectation in her research group that every honours student will get their work published somewhere.

For 6 years Anne has been a highly effective Postgraduate Coordinator in her school, one of the biggest in the university regarding research students.

She has introduced comprehensive induction programs, an efficient confirmation system, international evenings and research student poster events.

Anne also mentors and guides staff new to supervision and is an outstanding role model, especially for women in the university.

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