Dr. Thomas Carey is a 2017-18 Visiting Fellow in UQ’s Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation. In the U.S., he is a Research Professor in the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education at San Diego State University; in his native Canada, Tom currently serves as Executive-in-Residence for Teaching and Learning Innovation with the British Columbia Association of Institutes and Universities. His previous roles include department head and Associate Vice-President in two Canadian research universities and Senior Partner with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Dr Carey has engaged with UQ on a number of occasions, lending his expertise on the future of the BA, distinctive excellence in Teaching & Learning and graduate capabilities. He is currently developing resources and a framework for an Innovation-Enabled Workforce (Employability).


Teaching & Learning for the Future of Work (and Employability)

We may not be able to predict what new knowledge our graduates will engage with in the workplaces of the future...and in their other roles as community members and global citizens. But we can foresee at least some aspects of how they will be using knowledge in new ways, by examining emerging developments in the nature of work.

Join Dr Carey as he discusses how to use these insights to explore how teaching and learning practices can better prepare learners - and educators! - to engage with and shape the future of work. The illustrations will come from several initiatives in North America which are testing new ways to reframe the ‘work of learning’ in higher education as a testbed for developing skills for Future Employability.