Before you came, what did you dream university would be like?
- Making the strange familiar, and the familiar strange, and zombies.

Education is important to mankind and to civilisation. Our ability to learn is why we rule the planet, and not tigers or bears.

It can seem difficult to teach our students other than how we ourselves were taught, difficult logistically and difficult politically and culturally.

Yet applying our analytical, playful, skeptical scholarly minds to the question of the best ways of teaching, and critically reflecting on what our desired outcomes of education really are, can lead to classes and experiences and students which are inspiring and which remind us why we have chosen this life.

We’ll look critically at online education, flipped approaches, Billy Joel, assessment, students as partners, kindness, teaching at scale and stories and tips from the frontline. The best way to learn is from mistakes, and the best mistakes to learn from are those of others - so come and hear a selection of Professor Buckland’s more catastrophic and amusing mistakes.

Professor Richard Buckland

UQ is pleased to welcome Professor Richard Buckland as the Keynote speaker for Teaching and Learning Week 2017.

Professor Buckland has a love for teaching, and has taught over 10,000 students at numerous levels including primary school, high school, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels as well as hundreds of thousands of students electronically. He has a passionate belief in the importance of education, of learning, and of thinking. It is this passion and experience that placed him as the Director of First Year Experience at UNSW.

Richard is also a Professor in CyberCrime Cyberwar and Cyberterror at the School of Computer Science and Engineering UNSW, Visiting Professor in Educational Design at the National University of Malaysia UKM, and Grand Challenge Visiting Professor in CyberSecurity at Taylors University.

Other titles he holds include Director of Professional Education and Chair of the Academic Board of the Australian Computer Society, Director of Education of the Australian Centre for Cyber Security, and Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. He also a long term member of the UNSW Academic Board and the University Academic Quality Committee.

He is a recipient of a number of Teaching and Learning Awards including the 2008 Australian and New Zealand Engineering Educator of the Year (Engineers Australia) and the 2013 Australian ICT Educator of the Year (iAwards). He is a pioneer in the online learning sector, developing and running the first Australian MOOC "UNSW Computing 1" (in 2012) and is co-founder of education startup (an open MOOC and flipped teaching platform).

Richard’s current research focuses on the affective domain (emotions, belief, motivation and feelings), learning communities and kindness, non-mark based motivation in online education, and engineering secure electronic elections in untrusted environments.

When not in the classroom Richard says you can find him being a devoted husband and dad, reading (everything), in the cinema, undertaking bush regeneration, breaking things, completing puzzles and games, playing music, and speaking in the third person.