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2011 Strategic Teaching and Learning Grants

The 2011 Scheme will provide funding to address two priorities:

  1. to assist with the development of innovative projects that aim to enhance student engagement through the implementation of high impact learning practices.
  2. to fund initiatives to improve access to undergraduate programs, as well as retention and completion rates, of students from equity groups.

Examples of high impact learning practices include (Kuh, 2009):

- First-Year Seminars and Experiences
- Common Intellectual Experiences
- Learning Communities
- Writing-Intensive Courses
- Collaborative Assignments and Projects
- Undergraduate Research
- Diversity/Global Learning
- Service Learning, Community-Based Learning
- Internships
- Capstone Courses and Projects

Examples of equity initiatives include (Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program guidelines, 2010):

- transition programs to support cultural and geographical issues of inclusion;
- academic preparation, teaching delivery and learning methods to better meet low SES background needs;
- mentoring, peer support, tutoring and continued academic support;
- education programs for parents of low SES students, particularly those with children who are first in their families to access higher education;
- monitoring of student progress;
- undertaking research and monitoring the impact and effectiveness of activities.

Dissemination Resources

The ALTC funded a project in late 2009 to determine to what extent the promoted dissemination strategies had led to the effective dissemination and consolidation of outcomes of completed ALTC Grants Scheme projects.  A key outcome of the project was the development of a range of resources to support dissemination activities for future applicants. A guide has been developed to assist staff to plan and undertake effective dissemination and is a highly recommended for prospective and successful applicants:

The D-Cubed Guide: Planning for Effective Dissemination

Other useful resources from Professor George Kuh on high imact learning practices may be useful for applicants to refer to:

By encouraging staff to develop projects that promote higher levels of student engagement, the scheme aims to improve the student experience as measured by student grades, persistence/ retention, student satisfaction, and essential learning outcomes. The equity priority will encourage innovative approaches to assist the University in meeting improved low SES and Indigenous participation, retention and success rates.

Funding: The maximum funding available for projects is $20,000 from the DVC (Academic) funds.

  • These funds must be complemented by cash funding from another source eg external grants, School, Faculty or Institute funding, external body such as industry/professional organisation
  • The combined other funding must be at least 25% of the total requested funding from the DVC (Academic).

2011 T&L Strategic Grants Application Form
2011 T&L Strategic Grants Guidelines

Applications Due from Faculties to the ODVCA: Monday, 20 June 2011

Grants Workshop

A teaching and learning grant workshop was held in May and is recommended for staff members considering developing teaching and learning grant proposals in 2011. The guidelines and requirements for T&L Strategic Grant, New Staff Start-up (SoTL), and Early Career (SoTL) schemes will be discussed, as well as approaches to developing T&L focussed applications.

Workshop presentation

Report Templates

2010 & 2011 Strategic Grant holders: interim and final report templates.

2007 &2008 T&L Strategic Grant holders: interim and final report templates.

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Archived Guidelines


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Final Report Template - T&L Strategic Grant

Final Report Template - T&L Strategic Grant

Interim Report Template - T&L Strategic Grants

Interim Report Template

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