Team members:

Dr Stephen Carleton
MPhil, PhD Qld.

Dr Bernadette Cochrane
MA, PhD Qld.

Associate Professor Rob Pensalfini
BA(Hons) W.Aust., PhD MIT

UQ Drama offers students the greatest canonical depth and breadth of any theatre studies program in an Australian university. Our program offers students a deep knowledge of drama throughout time and across cultures, connected through the three central tenets of theatre history, theory and practice. UQ Drama is unique in this regard – of not doing either history and theory on the one hand, or, practice and technical training on the other. Recent innovations have seen the UQ Drama team strengthen the program by implementing industry-focussed teaching and learning components across the entirety of our program. We have also developed valuable cohort-building initiatives at first, second and third year levels of study, aimed to instil in our students a sense of belonging and connectedness to the program – and indeed to university life more broadly. We have overhauled and standardised our online teaching, learning, and assessment materials for all our courses. We have woven a clearer pedagogical narrative across our program ensuring our students understand the connections between what they are studying, what they are learning, and how all of this fits together to help them enter industry as being amongst the nation's best-educated and informed theatre studies graduands.

UQ Drama from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

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