All sessions will be held in Seminar Room, Learning Innovation Building (17-202)

8:30am–9:00am Tea and coffee available on arrival

Making Science Relevant the changing curriculum at the University of Adelaide

Professor Robert Hill
Executive Dean, Faculty of Sciences, University of Adelaide

In 2011 the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide introduced a new curriculum for first year students and used the Apple iPad as the hardware to deliver it. After two years it is apparent that the strategy is working, but it is also clear that it has uncovered many issues in our approach to teaching that were previously hidden, meaning that this is now a long-term project with significant hurdles to overcome. Student satisfaction has improved considerably, retention is very good, and we now have strong signs that our strategy is working well in local schools and student interest in Science is rising significantly. We are strongly committed to this for the future and have plans in place to deal with the last two major hurdles - text books and assessment.

Time: 9:00am–10:30am

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Morning Tea: 10:30am–11:00am served in LIB foyer

CEIT update

Professor Phil Long
Director, Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology

1. Team Tools to Support Large Classes - John Zornig
2. MOOCs and Open Educational Resources
3. CEIT Open House with an Update on the UQMarkUpv2 Research project.

Time: 11:00am–12:30pm 

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Lunch 12:30pm–1:30pm served in LIB foyer and courtyard

How to design your way out of a failing Masters, CIPL

Professor Robert Hendy
Director, Centre for Innovation in Professional Learning

Professor Lynn Robinson
Deputy Director and Director of Research, Centre for Innovation in Professional Learning.

Do you have the content for a Masters program but not the student numbers completing it? Have you identified the reasons why? Join us for an interactive discussion around the key design questions that need to be asked and answered in order to improve the likelihood of a successful Masters (or any other postgraduate coursework) program.

Time: 1:30pm–3:00pm

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Afternoon tea 3:00pm–3:15pm served in LIB foyer

Faculty/School approaches to eLearning

Facilitator: Associate Professor Gordon Joughin, Director, TEDI
Time: 3:15pm–3:45pm

GPEM strategy, Dr Ann Peterson

Profound change is occurring in education (e.g. widening participation, outcomes-based frameworks based on skill development and not content acquisition). New media literacies provide transformative learning structures, which affect the what, why, when, how and where students’ learn. In the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, we are developing a Learning Technologies Preparedness Plan to clearly articulate the strategic issues, key directions and specific actions to take us forward. Grounded in extensive evidence-based research, our presentation outlines the key steps in the development of the Plan, and we provide useful tips for anyone engaging in a similar process.

Arts Faculty / QBIT mobile learning (TBC), Matt Taylor

Abstract coming soon. 

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UQ wireless strategy & communication linkages

Rob Moffatt
Director, Information Technology Services
Facilitator: Associate Professor Gordon Joughin, Director, TEDI

Abstract coming soon.

Time: 3:45pm–4:00pm

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Our Growing Elearning Environment – UQ’s Central Systems and Trends (TBC)

Simon Collyer
Manager Teaching & Learning Support, Information Technology Services
Facilitator: Associate Professor Gordon Joughin, Director, TEDI

This presentation provides an overview of the University’s central elearning systems, their usage rates, and support services. Recent initiatives and developments are discussed, along with usage trends and demands in the UQ environment. UQ’s online learning environment has come of age with more than 30,000 discrete staff and students using the system each day. Even on Sundays when our campuses are quiet, more than 20,000 individual UQ students are busy and active in our elearning world, engaging with lecture notes, lecture videos, quizzes, discussions and assignments

Time: 4:00pm–4:30pm

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