Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Kelly Matthews - Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation
GCScTeach N.Orleans, BA N.Orleans
Julie Duck - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
BA(Hons), DipEd, PhD NE, GCHEd Qld.

Every semester, hundreds of casual academic staff, including many Research Higher Degree students, are employed to run tutorials. Tutors are integral to the overall student experience, and are tasked with engaging students in learning activities, assessing students’ work, and providing feedback to guide future learning. Prior to 2010, there was no sustainable or systematic approach for preparing new tutors at UQ. Although some schools provided tutors with foundational knowledge in teaching and learning, research showed that most tutors had little or no preparation for teaching small group classes. The Tutors@UQ program was developed to improve the learning environment for students through the preparation of new tutors. To ensure sustainability, the program involves a collaborative partnership model between UQ’s centralised teaching and learning unit and faculty Associate Deans Academic. Underpinned by four good practice principles (active engagement in small group learning contexts, inclusive pedagogies, continuous improvement via reflective practice, and student-centredness), the program is both scholarly and practical. Approximately 2,000 new tutors from diverse disciplines have participated in Tutors@UQ since 2010, with empirical evidence highlighting the effectiveness of the program across several indicators.

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