Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh
BE(Hons) UQ, M.EngSc UNSW, PhD UQ, GradCert HE UQ. PF HEA
Dr Liza O’Moore
BE(Hons) UQ, PhD UQ, GradCert HE UQ
Professor Caroline Crosthwaite
BE(Hons) UQ, M.EngSt UQ, MSc JCU
Associate Professor Carl Reidsema
BE(Hons) Newcastle, PhD Newcastle
Associate Professor Peter Sutton
BSc UQ, BE(Hons) UQ, MSc, PhD Carnegie Mellon, GCEd
Mr Mark Reedman
BSc(Hons) Latrobe
Dr Tracey Papinczak

The Teaching and Learning Development Program (TLDP) is tangible evidence of EAIT’s successful faculty-wide cultural commitment to improving the teaching and learning experience for our diverse student cohort. Since 2012, the TLDP has guaranteed that EAIT students have had better trained and informed lecturers, teaching assistants, and tutors. It has been instrumental in ensuring EAIT educators use best practice pedagogy and are supported by a network of staff and activities focussed on improving the student learning experience. Its emphasis has been on providing contextualised, relevant, and accessible experiences for academics, teaching assistants, and tutors across all schools. The program incorporates workshops delivered by teaching masters, an annual Teaching and Learning Forum, new staff training workshops and mentorship, a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training program, Tutors@EAIT for tutor training, and customised support for individual courses and teachers in need. The sustained success of the TLDP can be measured by the increasing and broad-based engagement with the overall program, the adoption of the GTA program by ITaLI, and commendations from Engineers Australia during their external accreditation of the BE(Hons) in 2012 and 2017. The TLDP continues to have an extraordinary impact across the faculty and the institution.

The Teaching and Learning Development Program from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

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