Following Senate approval in March 2007, the University has introduced academic appointments in teaching focused roles.  A Working Party was convened in 2006 to examine the Diversity of Academic Roles.  The report of the Working Party, published in March 2007, recommended that the University should have the capacity to provide teaching focused appointments which also have an obligation to undertake scholarship in teaching and learning and contribute to the development of pedagogy in their discipline.  To date, appointments to the new positions have been made within all faculties and at all position levels including one professorial appointment.

The creation of these positions has entailed a change in a range of related policies concerning appointment types, position criteria, confirmation and promotion processes and performance appraisal processes. The coordination and oversight of the redrafting of the respective policies is the responsibility of the Implementation Working Group (IWG) chaired by Professor Alan Rix. The recommendations of the IWG will be soon be available for consultation and discussion with a view for their consideration at the September 2007 meeting of the Academic Board.

Staff interested in these positions should read the Working Party report and discuss with their Head of School.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

When the introduction of the teaching focused positions was discussed at the March 2007 meeting of the Academic Board there was some debate concerning what was meant by the “Scholarship of Teaching” as opposed to research related to teaching and educational practice. It was agreed that a guiding statement would be prepared to help clarify the distinction. Engagement with the Scholarship of Teaching is a requirement of teaching focused positions.

A statement concerning the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has been prepared and aims to assist in clarifying what is intended with regard to T&L Scholarship as expected of the teaching focused appointments.  Acknowledgment and thanks to Professor Peter Renshaw, Head of the School of Education and Professor Susan Hamilton, Deputy President of the Academic Board, for their primary contributions to the shaping of the statement.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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