The University of Queensland must consider how flexibility on the range of dimensions already outlined may be facilitated. Its priorities will therefore include:

  • examining established teaching and learning practices for relevance and currency through the curriculum review process, and updating them to ensure enhanced options for students

  • keeping pace with changing delivery technologies, and facilitating the University community?s ability to access them

  • maximising the potential of online delivery to provide materials and enable group communication

  • identifying areas of priority for development of web-dependent and fully online materials

  • maintaining high quality educational experiences for all students, whether learning on-campus or at a distance

  • increasing flexibility in administrative approaches to student entry, enrolment, progression and assessment, and

  • providing appropriate planning, resourcing and staff development initiatives for flexible learning.

  • Faculties and schools are encouraged to embrace opportunities for flexible learning.
    Staff should be challenged to examine current practices with a view to identifying what and how enhanced learning options for students might be provided.
    However, change will need to occur largely within existing funding parameters, taking advantage of institutional knowledge gained from earlier developments, and institutional resources available in areas such as curriculum design, staff development, student and technical support.

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