GCHEd Qld., BSc (Hons 1) Sydney, PhD Sydney

As an educator who teaches biochemistry and molecular biology across all levels of the University curriculum, Dr Susan Rowland has translated her love for research and science communication into innovative and successful courses and extra-curricular activities for her students. Her primary focus has been to help students explore their own interests and understandings in science, while also developing student connections with working scientists and professional scientific practice. Dr Rowland’s work in science communication has been commissioned for a government education website and a national good practice guide. Her work in enhancing undergraduate access to genuine research experiences has been recognised with an Office for Learning and Teaching Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Grant. Dr Rowland works actively to mentor and develop the careers and capabilities of others in her community through publications, presentations, committee work, and journal editorships. She is an Australian leader in the scholarship of teaching and learning in science.

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