The following projects received funding for development under the Postgraduate Flexible Learning Funding scheme for 2004.

Flexible Learning in Japanese Translation: $15,000
Project Leader: Ms Akiko Uchiyama, School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies

Flexible Learning Courses for Landscape Ecology: $27,000
Project Leader: Professor Craig Franklin, School of Integrative Biology 

The Development of Resources for Integration into the Mineral Resources (Environment) Program: $25,000
Project Leader: Dr Alex Pudmenzky, Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation

Enhancing Multiprofessional Perspectives on Complementary Medicine through Flexible Learning: $40,000
Project Leader: Ms Marian Boman, School of Population Health (Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research)

Opportunities for Online Interaction with Practitioners: $10,000
Project Leader: Ms Alethea Blackler, School of Psychology (Key Centre for Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Engineering)

Surviving Flexible Postgraduate Study: $20,000
Project Leader: Ms Mia O'Brien, Teaching and Educational Development Institute

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