Flexible learning has implications for the University?s allocation and use of resources.
In particular, attention should be paid to support for staff and students, and to the provision of appropriate technical support.
To adequately resource flexible learning initiatives, the University must:
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate learning support services, including appropriate liaison with the Library and other central services, to make available appropriate resource materials

  • Consider, in the development of flexibly offered program/courses, issues of workload, and the implications of program participation for academic staff promotion and progression

  • Consider the ways in which services provided by central service providers and student administration can:
    - support flexible learning initiatives, and
    - support the student population, and

  • Ensure appropriate structures and processes are in place in faculties and schools to support the development of flexible learning initiatives.
  • Provision of appropriate resources and facilities section

    Checklist - provision of resources and facilities

    Have central service providers (eg the Library, ITS) and administrative sections (eg Student Support Services, Academic Facilities) been fully consulted in the developmental process? Processes Program and course develop...

    Checklist - staff development and support

    Have staff been provided with support, access to training and development? Processes Staff development Oversight USDC TEDI Are academic staff provided with preparation tim...

    Checklist - student support and development

    Is the course or program realistically available to students for whom it is intended? For example, is the chosen technology likely to be accessible by the target student population? Can target students meet the parameters of program schedulin...

    Checklist - technical support

    What provisions have been made to assure a robust and secure technical infrastructure? Given the relatively rapid pace of change in modern IT, what policies or procedures are in place to keep infrastructure reasonably up-to-date?


    Planning for academic staff development and support Adequately resource staff involved in developing flexible learning initiatives. Provide appropriate staff development and other support processes for instructional desi...

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