Planning for academic staff development and support
  • Adequately resource staff involved in developing flexible learning initiatives.

  • Provide appropriate staff development and other support processes for instructional design.

  • Planning for student support and development
  • Ensure that in designing flexibly offered programs or courses, the University provides a coherent plan for students to access all courses necessary to complete the program, or clearly notifies students of requirements not included in the flexible offering. Hybrid programs or courses, mixing flexible or electronic and on-campus elements, are designed to ensure that all students have access to appropriate services.

  • Identify any program-specific information literacy and technology skills, and provide opportunities within a program for students to learn these skills.

  • Provide students with effective advice to assist them in designing programs which best suit their needs and lifestyles.

  • Effectively inform prospective students of relevant program information including program costs, technology requirements, availability of Library and other resources, opportunity for facilitator and student-to-student interaction, learning expectations and completion times.

  • Planning for technical support
    When programs and courses are taught via flexible learning, employing information and communications technologies, the University must:
  • Provide hardware, software, systems management, systems administration, and network access to appropriate technologies.

  • Ensure a consistent and coherent technical framework for students and academic staff is provided; and when a change in technologies is necessary, it is introduced in a way minimising the impact on students and staff.

  • Ensure an ongoing program of appropriate technical, design, and production support for participating academic staff members is provided.

  • Provide ongoing technical support, if possible during evenings and weekends as well as in normal institutional working hours.

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