UQ has experienced considerable success in the round 2, 2013 and round 1, 2014 national Office for Learning and Teaching grants/fellowships schemes, highlighting the continued innovation and commitment of UQ staff to teaching excellence.

UQ has been successful in receiving one major Innovation and Development Grant, one major Strategic Priority Project, one Seed Project, one Extension Grant and two National Fellowships.

Minister's press release

Successful grants:

Developing a 4-dimensional interdisciplinary learning environment for construction industry professionals

Lead institution: The University of Queensland
Project Leader: Dr Chris Landorf
Project synopsis: Increasing student numbers and concerns about safety on building sites have contributed to reduced access to live project sites for students in construction related professional disciplines. This project will establish a suite of interactive and interdisciplinary problem-based learning activities that address the issue using 4-dimensional time-lapse digital images captured during the construction of The University of Queensland’s Advanced Engineering Building.
Funding: $220,000

Enhancing student learning outcomes with simulation-based pedagogies

Lead institution: The University of Queensland
Project Leader: Dr Pierre Benckendorff
Partners: Griffith University, La Trobe University, Southern Cross University, University of South Australia and Victoria University
Project synopsis: The project aims to map the features and characteristics of online simulations in business education and assess the associated challenges. It will identify and promote innovative pedagogies associated with the use of simulations in universities and evaluate the learning outcomes associated with these pedagogies.
Funding: $177,650

Enhancing Engagement of Agricultural Students in Learning Mathematics through Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies

Lead institution: The University of Queensland
Project Leader: Dr Madan Gupta
Project synopsis: Fundamental mathematical and quantitative skills are critical for agricultural students to succeed in their studies and careers. Many students study agriculture remotely but learning mathematics in distance mode has unique challenges. This pilot study will develop adaptive e-tutorials for two of the most challenging topics: differential and integral calculus, using real-world examples from various agriculture disciplines. The outcomes of this study will underpin a future collaborative project with other Australian universities where similar mathematics courses are offered to agricultural students.
Funding: $50,000

Not just another diagnostic test! Extending Get set resources into new contexts

Lead institution: The University of Queensland
Project Leader: Mr Michael Jennings
Project synopsis: Not just another diagnostics test! extends the Get set for success project via the application and dissemination of Get set for success developed curricular resources to science and business programs.
Funding: $30,000

Successful Fellowships:

Subject of Inquiry and Mode of Instruction: Indigenous bodies, Indigenous studies and cultural safety in Australian universities

Institution: The University of Queensland
Project Leader: Dr Chelsea Bond
Fellowship Synopsis: The fellowship seeks to enhance the cultural safety of Indigenous academics who teach Indigenous studies within Australian universities in order to strengthen the quantity and quality of Indigenous educators within the sector. It will involve the development of collaborative multi-institutional responses to the challenges facing Indigenous academics who are culturally isolated and often subjected to hostile and confronting learning environments.
Funding: $90,000

Pathways to Postgraduate Study for Indigenous Australian Students: Enhancing the Transition to Research Higher Degrees

Institution: The University of Queensland
Project Leader: Dr Katelyn Barney
Fellowship Synopsis: The aims of this fellowship are to facilitate an approach to address the issue of low participation rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in HDR programs and to promote a national dialogue in the higher education sector to support successful pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into HDR programs across disciplines. Outcomes from the fellowship have significant potential to increase Indigenous HDR enrolments across Australia by stimulating change in universities to implement stronger research pathways from undergraduate to postgraduate study for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Funding: $90,000

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