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Mr Dan O?Neill is a unique teacher. He is a highly committed, gifted and inspirational teacher who is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, teaching and learning. Dan has a deep understanding of traditional literary scholarship, its philosophical implications and its relevance to contemporary life. Drawing on these understandings, he encourages his students to think for themselves about text, ideas and value in relation to their intellectual, political and social lives. He has a strong commitment to lead his students towards a greater understanding of difficult concepts so that they are challenged and achieve intellectual satisfaction. Dan has a conception of teaching as sharing, with the gaining of knowledge as inherently collaborative. He values his students? participation in discussion, takes their contributions seriously and is delighted to learn from them.

One of Dan?s greatest strengths as a teacher is his belief in learning as a ?whole-of-life? activity. Dan conveys genuine excitement of discovery, encouraging his students to extend themselves beyond their present capabilities. Dan has gained the respect of his students and colleagues as a person of intellectual integrity and is consistently praised for his dedication, his intellectual generosity and his commitment to his students? needs. He is a keen supporter of the work of equity groups in university study, and is committed to providing help and guidance in their learning.

Dan?s invaluable contribution to the teaching of English literature at The University of Queensland has spanned nearly four decades. Generations of students and colleagues have been inspired by his enthusiasm and have benefited from his dedication to genuine scholarship.

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