UQ Business School

Polly Parker, DipPhyEd Otago, DipT, Cant., M.Phil (Hons 1) Auck., PhD Auck.
Fiona Rohde BA Qld., BSc Qld., MSc Qld., PhD Qld.
Neil Paulsen, GDipCouns QUT, BA Qld., BA (Hons1) Qld., PhD Qld.
Tim Kastelle, BA Prin., MBA (adv) Qld., PhD Qld.
John Steen, BSc (Hons1) Tas., PhD Tas., PhD Qld.
Rob Douglas MBAexec, Waik., BMS (Hons) Waik.

The University of Queensland Business School’s (UQBS) flagship program, the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), equips graduates with sophisticated skills and knowledge across business disciplines. This traditional specialist degree in general management has enhanced student learning through a unique combination of compulsory formal courses, a variety of informal value-adding components, and advanced studies in contemporary management practice. MBA students enter the program with a minimum of three years’ experience including one year in a supervisory role. Since its 2008 program redesign, the MBA has achieved high levels of student satisfaction and exceeded expectations of students, employees and alumni. One unique feature is the engagement of students in industry and community projects, made possible through high quality educational partnerships such as with Wharton School, and collaborations with nationally recognised organisations and community groups. The success of the MBA is demonstrated by the breadth of impact on students who gain valuable practical experience, and by partnering with employers seeking graduates with all-round capabilities and global perspectives. The reciprocity further enhances the program via industry alliances that inform research-based teaching.

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