• Ms Inge Matt
    Grad Cert in Higher Education, UQ, Grad Dip in Communications, UTS, Bachelor of Science (Aust. Environ. St.), GU
  • Professor Julie Duck
    PhD (Psychology), UNE , Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology, UNE , Diploma in Education (Primary), UNE , Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), UNE
  • Professor Fred D’Agostino
    PHD, LSE, Masters of Anthropology, Princeton, BA(Hons), Amherst
  • Associate Professor Deborah Brown
    Bachelor of Arts, UQ, Master of Arts, University of Toronto, PhD
  • Ms Shirley Moran
    Grad Cert in Executive Leadership, UQ, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), UQ
  • Mr Chris Frost
    Cert in Visual Art and Design, TAFE Southbank
  • Ms Noela Yates
    Bachelor of Arts, UQ
  • Dr David Rowland
    Bachelor of Science (Hons.), UQ, Grad Dip in Teaching (Secondary) BCAE, PhD ANU
  • Mr Farshad Seifouri
    Bachelor of Mining Engineering, Amirkabir, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering – System Analysing, Azad
  • Mr Ben Graham
    BA (Hons), UQ, MBus (Adv), UQ

‘Knowledge-Making in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences’ is a flexible, Faculty-wide, 24/7, online community and peer mentoring program. It responds to an identified need in the large, diverse HASS Faculty to assist first-year students with academic literacy skills and the social challenges associated with transition to university. The Program aligns with the UQ Student Strategy by using a ‘students as partners’ approach to engage first-year students through: Faculty-wide and discipline-specific academic peer mentoring (Krause, 2005); assisting self-directed and active learning experiences (Boud, 2010; Nichol & McFarlane-Dick, 2007); and enhancing students’ sense of belonging to a learning community (Lave & Wenger, 1991; UQ, 2004). A large contingent of volunteer, high-achieving, senior HASS Peer Mentors use the Knowledge-Making platform; associated program-level facebook groups; and more recently face-to-face sessions, to guide first-year students in both academic and social domains (UQ, 2004; Vygotsky, in Fry et al., 2009), enhancing their own leadership skills in the process. The Program has garnered high levels of interest, support and engagement from a wide-array of educational stakeholders, both within and beyond the HASS Faculty. Annual action learning evaluations (2013-2016) have confirmed that students appreciate the ways the Program assists their learning and enhances their student experience.

Knowledge-Making in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

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