Dr M.S. Vijay Kumar

Senior Associate Dean and Director, Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The New Ecosystem for Innovative Transformation of Education

An emergent landscape characterized by an explosion of information and interaction opportunities, applications that bring the excitement and rigor of research to deepen learning, as well as new connections between content and community offers the potential of profound changes in educational access and quality. Traditional assumptions about the development and delivery of educational resources and practice are being disrupted by new affordances of technology and influences such as the open movement to radically alter the economics and ecology of education.

This presentation will build on initiatives at MIT and elsewhere that reflect an array of innovative activity – from simple experiments that address pressing “instructional “problems to sweeping institutional commitments with global scope. It will attempt to frame the challenges and necessary transitions (“readiness factors”) for educational institutions to amplifying and extend their value proposition through the new affordances of technology and openness that present the potential to radically affect the ecology and economics of education.

Date: Monday, 29 October 2012
Time: 9:00-10:30am (tea and coffee from 8:30am)
Venue: Seminar Room, Learning Innovation Building (17-202)




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