BA (Hons 1) ANU, MPhil ANU, PhD Camb.

Through the unique teaching methods of Dr Janette McWilliam, an increasing body of students are engaging with innovative and personalised web-based language learning resources to learn Latin. Dr McWilliam inspires her students through work integrated learning in Ancient History and Museum Studies, international study tours to absorbing the unique history of Rome and the wonders of modern Italian culture through international study tours, and engaging in advanced research. She attends to the whole student experience, combining the study of Classical Languages and Ancient History with the professional and personal development of her students. Dr McWilliam’s approach has a profound impact on student learning outcomes, reflected in her students’ success in coursework and research, in successful employment in a range of careers, and in successfully competing for places in elite international graduate schools and internship programs. She is also a highly sought-after Research Higher Degree supervisor and a recipient of both a Faculty of Arts Award for Teaching Excellence and numerous nominations for Faculty of Arts Most Outstanding Teacher. Dr McWilliam’s language learning software has attracted national and international attention and is being adopted across two language programs (Latin and Greek), where it has been shown both to positively improve learning outcomes positively and to utilise staff time more effectively.

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