BSc(Hons) Qld.

Jacqueline has been widely recognised as an excellent pharmacy educator by both her students and colleagues. Her passion for experimenting with and evaluating innovative teaching and eLearning approaches over the last 13 years has led to curricular reform that engages students, inspires them to learn and prepares them for their future roles as ‘medicines experts’ in an evolving healthcare system. Her educational philosophy, that constructively aligned learning objectives, learning activities and assessment must be authentic and relevant to professional practice, has guided the re-design of courses in medicinal chemistry and pharmacy practice. Jacqui takes a scholarly approach to teaching and learning design that is informed by an understanding of the higher education literature, as well as her own original research in pharmacy education, along with that of her research students. Jacqui’s deep respect for the development of students as individuals, and creative approaches to teaching (such as ‘medicinal chemistry karaoke’) have enhanced learning and resulted in exceptional student evaluations and multiple student-initiated awards. Her contribution has further been acknowledged by colleagues via four UQ awards (UQ citation, UQ APEL, VC’s equity and diversity award and HABS Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence), as well as a prestigious national teaching award (AAUT APEL).



Jacqueline Bond from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


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