Providing a high quality teaching and learning experience for students is reliant on staff having access support and resources. There are numerous resources and tools available to staff to assist in all aspects of teaching delivery and development at UQ. 

Some of the units available to assist staff in various matters include:

Teaching and Educational Development Institute (TEDI)
TEDI provide a comprehensive range of consultancy, resource development and evaluation services for staff aimed to support and promote excellence in teaching and learning at UQ.

UQ Tutors Website
Administrative and teaching and learning information for Tutors.

Handbook of University Policies and Procedures (HUPP)
University policy on all aspects of University organisation and governance.

Information Technology Services (ITS)
Comprehensive IT support for UQ staff, students and organisational units.

UQ Library
One of the largest collections of academic libraries in Australia with expert advice to assist the UQ community.

Student Administrative Services Division (SASD)
SASD operates through a wide range of areas in the University including:

Staff Resources and Tools section


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Student Learning Support

There are many support services available to students which staff should be aware of and can direct students to.  The Student Services website also has a page with advice to staff on

Other Teaching and Learning Resources

There are a number of resources that have been developed to assist staff in all aspects of teaching and learning.  Listed below are some useful resources for staff.  If you have any suggestions for other useful websites, please email

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