Five staff members from a diverse range of disciplines have become inaugural UQ Teaching Fellows in 2010.  The successful Fellows and the focus of their fellowship activities are provided below:

Dr Kay Colthorpe, School of Biomedical Sciences: An integrated approach to authentic assessment in the Biomedical Science major of the Bachelor of Science program

Dr Bronwyn Davidson - School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Engaging students in innovative interprofessional clinical learning in partnership with indigenous communities

Dr Andrew Hindmoor - School of Political Science and International Studies: So You Want to ‘Do’ Policy? What you need to know to be a Policy Officer in the Queensland Government

A/Professor Nick James - School of Law: An investigation into the reasons for and causes of academic resistance to teaching and learning reform within Australian law schools, and the possibility that communities of practice can minimise academic resistance and enhance academic engagement

Dr Greg Marston - School of Social Work and Applied Human Services: Understanding Student Attrition in the Social and Behavioural Sciences

The UQ Teaching Fellowship Scheme aims to:

  • support emerging teaching and learning leaders to undertake a program of activities that will advance teaching and learning in their Faculty or discipline;
  • develop the educational expertise and leadership skills of UQ Teaching Fellows so as to prepare them to successfully apply for ALTC Teaching Fellowships;
  • enhance disciplinary or interdisciplinary learning and teaching at UQ.

To achieve the aims of the scheme, UQ Teaching Fellows are expected to:

  • Identify a learning and teaching issue within their Faculty or discipline and facilitate an approach to addressing this issue;
  • Show leadership in promoting and enhancing learning and teaching within their Faculty or discipline;
  • Establish and build on partnerships in learning and teaching within their Faculty and the University; and
  • Foster networks with other emerging teaching and learning leaders in the University and beyond.

The Fellows will undertake their program of activities during 2010.  During this time they will also have a period of residency with the Teaching and Educational Development Institute.  Fellows will be supported by TEDI staff in planning, conducting and evaluating their program of fellowship activities.


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