BE(Hons), PhD Qld.


Chemical engineers are trained to see the world as a set of systems and processes and Dr Greg Birkett is passionate about improving the systems and processes that impact student learning and engagement. He believes that, like any process, a focus on continuous improvement can achieve great results, and will increase the opportunities for our students and their impact on society. These beliefs have lead Dr Birkett to be involved in a wide range of initiatives and activities from classroom to university scale. Dr Birkett’s courses and teaching are very well received by students, spanning from a thermodynamics flipped classroom to final year design courses where students design complex chemical processes. In the School of Chemical Engineering, Dr Birkett has led the development of a unique integrated Masters program, reinvigorated the School’s practical and field trip experience, and mentored staff to help improve many courses. These, and his other initiatives, transformed the School’s teaching culture and student engagement. At the university level Dr Birkett is currently working with a team on a web based curriculum mapping tool aimed at improving curriculum planning and design. In addition he has influenced the direction of UQ’s space development towards more active learning spaces.


Dr Greg Birkett from The University of Queensland on Vimeo


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