This page contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding the UQ Teaching and Learning Strategic Grants scheme.


Q. Are there any conditions or restrictions on the expenditure of grant money?

All expenditure must be in accordance with the project budget. The funds can be used to pay any category of research expenditure (salaries, equipment, computing, maintenance or research-related travel) consistent with the proposal. Teaching relief, or relief for other areas of work, will need to be explicitly requested and justified in the application as will requests for conference travel. Funds can be used for these purposes only if the expenditure is approved.

Funds may not be used to support partner investigators in cross-institutional collaborations.


Q. Can academic staff with fractional appointments be project leaders?

Yes, as long as it is a continuing appointment and at least one member of the project team is a full-time academic staff member.


Q. Is collaboration with other national and overseas institutions allowed by the scheme?

Yes, collaborative projects are encouraged as part of the scheme.  However, activities of partner investigators from other institutions should not be supported by UQ funds.


Q. Can projects extend past the expected completion timeframes outlined for small and large grants?

Applicants should clearly flag and justify in their proposal any extension required to the project duration past the nominated completion dates.  Extensions will be considered on a case by case basis.


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