The electronic course profile system (ECPS) was deployed to most Schools and Faculties in May 2006 for development of semester 2 2006 course profiles. All Schools and Faculties were using the system to develop profiles for semester 1 2007 undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The ECPS is an integrated and distributed web-based system for developing, delivering and archiving all course profiles at the University of Queensland.

The system is designed to be a teaching and learning aid for course designers and coordinators, and will allow teaching units to meet current obligations in the provision of course details to students as set out in the Course Profile policy (PPL 3.10.03).

The ECPS draws on existing authoritative data sources, with course designers entering the teaching and learning information directly into the system. The system aims to produce consistent course profiles across the University and includes sufficient flexibility to accommodate the variety of teaching, learning and administrative practices in place across Faculties and Schools.

The ECPS integrates with the student information system (mySI-net), the prospective students’ website (Programs & Courses) and the University’s elearning management system (Blackboard).

While the primary objective of the ECPS is to provide an environment to support staff in developing course profiles and delivering consistent course details to students, the collected data can be used to reduce the load of administrative tasks, e.g., the process of timetabling central examinations, and the data can be analysed for teaching and learning quality assurance processes, e.g., curriculum review, graduate attribute mapping and mode and spread of assessment.

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