Dr Andrew Hindmoor
Dr Andrew Hindmoor

School of Political Science and International Studies Internship Program
School of Political Science and International Studies

Project Team:
Dr Andrew Hindmoor, Professor Stephen Bell, Dr Richard Devetak, Dr Marianne Hanson, Cara Herington, Claire Pomery, Professor Emeritus Roger Scott, Dr Rae Wear

Educational partnerships and collaborations with other organisations - Awards for the Enhancement of Student Learning - Dr Andrew Hindmoor [4.4MB MOV]

The internship program within the School of Political Science and International Studies is an innovative and highly effective learning and teaching activity available as an elective capstone experience in the School’s four undergraduate majors in the Bachelor of Arts. It is also available at the postgraduate level as Applied Fieldwork Experience (International Studies) and Internship (Governance and Public Policy) in Masters’ degrees in International Studies, Public Policy and Development Practice (International Development Stream). The program was developed in partnership with a range of state, national and international organisations, parliamentarians and civil society groups. Since 2005, over 150 students have completed internships within 114 organisations.

This program has enhanced student learning by giving students the opportunity to apply core academic and subject-specific knowledge in an applied setting and provides students with the opportunity to utilise their analytical, research and communication skills in a relevant work context so contributing to the attainment of a range of graduate attributes. It is supported by systematic procedures relating to the selection of students and partner organisations, the identification of collaborative research topics, the induction of students and partner organisations, the monitoring of student progress and evaluation and safety.

The collaborative relationships fostered through the internship program have generated a positive impact upon students, the School and upon the partner organisations with whom the internship program has been developed. It also contributes significantly to the University’s objective of strengthening engagement with industry and the professions. Many students in the School regard this opportunity as the defining feature of their experience at The University of Queensland.

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