BE, MEngSc, GCHEd Qld., PhD Cal.Tech.

Dr Wheatley strives to make students not only active learners, but intrigued and enthusiastic ones by engaging them in activities based on authentic scenarios from industry or research that are relevant to their potential future careers. He uses this approach to teach advanced topics in mechanical and aerospace engineering in contexts ranging from large courses, to thesis and design projects, to the edX Hypersonics MOOC, a course that attracted learners from 129 countries. Dr Wheatley has used his command of the field to develop high-impact resources that engage with students within and external to UQ, building UQ’s reputation of knowledge leadership. Many of these resources were developed for the Hypersonics MOOC, which demonstrated that the MOOC concept can be successfully applied to advanced technical courses. For third year Fluid Dynamics at UQ, a class of 300, he successfully adapted the MOOC resources into a small private online course (SPOC) that adds value to the on-campus experience by enabling a flipped-classroom approach: all contact hours are used for active problem solving, discussion and reflection. To help engage every individual in large classes, students work in small groups and disseminate their results via a digital student response system.


Vincent Wheatley from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

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