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Dr Simon Cool is a gifted teacher whose dedication and enthusiasm for his students and the learning process set him apart. His performance in both teaching and research so early in his career is inspirational.

From the outset, Simon has been an enthusiastic and dynamic collaborator in curriculum design and teaching and has been a strong advocate for change and improvement in teaching and learning. Simon is responsible for the coordination and delivery of courses in basic and advanced human anatomy in the School of Biomedical Sciences and is responsible for the teaching of anatomy for the Graduate Medical School as well as the development and coordination of specialist courses in human biomedical anatomy and histology. His depth of knowledge is highly regarded and as a result of his efforts there have been significant enhancements in anatomy teaching in the Graduate Medical Course.

One of the hallmarks of Simon?s teaching is his willingness to embrace change. Simon has taken traditional teaching material and reworked it into something that is contemporary, informative and exciting. For example, he has provided streaming videos of his lectures for download by students, developed a major web resource which provides large amounts of visual material to assist students and has demonstrated the important links between anatomy and modern medical imaging techniques. Simon engages his students with his professional and humorous presentation style. His efforts are rewarded by consistently exceptional TEVAL ratings.

Simon is a strong contributor to the postgraduate research activities in the School and has been able to attract post-graduate students to his laboratory and is highly committed to assisting their progress in research.

Simon is an outstanding teacher who consistently contributes to developing the quality of teaching and student learning in the BACS and Health faculties. He is recognised for his pursuit of excellence in all aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in which he is involved. Simon is an important part of the future of teaching at the University of Queensland

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