Dr Robbie Wilson is a highly innovative teacher who uses enthusiasm, relevance and technology to engage and inspire students in the environmental sciences. He is passionate about teaching and believes most students will take greater responsibility for their own education when they are engaged in the material. 

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It is in meeting the challenge of curriculum development and delivery to large first-year classes that Robbie has excelled. He understands how curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment interact to produce high levels of student engagement and learning. He thinks beyond what he has to do to teach well, and considers what students need to do to learn and how he can create the optimal environment to foster that learning. It is from this perspective that he has designed and coordinated his courses.
Robbie’s innovations across all levels of university teaching have led directly to improved student outcomes. His introduction into a first-year biology course of a video assignment that embraces modern communication technology and helps to stimulate the process of scientific enquiry has resulted in a significant increase in student engagement. Robbie was awarded a University of Queensland Teaching Innovation Award to support its development and has received national and international recognition for this innovation.   
Imaginative and technologically-rich approaches to assessment have also enabled Robbie to incorporate field teaching into his first-year Biodiversity and Environment course. A one-day Ecology field trip introduced into first year with a cohort of over 500 students was rated by most students as their best learning exercise of the year.
With an active research program, that includes 7 papers in the last 12 months, 9 PhD students under his supervision, and an Australian Research Council grant, Robbie is acknowledged for his sustained commitment and enthusiasm to his teaching role in a research-intensive context. In his postgraduate supervision, Robbie emphasises his strong community values and believes a successful scientific career requires more than just producing outstanding science.
Robbie has also developed the first science practical to directly involve first-year students in an Australian Research Council Linkage project. Students addressed the impacts of urbanisation on the biodiversity of South-East Queensland and identified ways of maintaining the rich biodiversity during future urbanisation. The objective was to fully integrate students into the process of science and excitement of discovery. The outcome has been communicated to industry partners and is now influencing government policy. 
Robbie has also taken great interest in teaching within the wider community through visits to schools, work on television and engagement with remote Indigenous communities.
Robbie is a team builder and an alchemist for good relationships. He develops a sense of group belonging and group commitment, while respecting individual growth.  He is an exceptional teacher: engaging, passionate and articulate and this is reflected in his consistently high teaching evaluations.  

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