Dr Louise McCuaig
Dr Louise McCuaig

School of Human Movement Studies
Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr Louise McCuaig - Award for excellence in teaching [4.7MB MOV]

Dr Louise McCuaig is a committed and innovative teacher with responsibility for the delivery of specialist health education curriculum and pedagogy courses and advanced physical education pedagogy. She also contributes to a broad range of school and faculty initiatives through her involvement in the Tutor Education Program, Faculty of Health Sciences Inter-Professional Education initiative and the School of Human Movement Studies Teaching and Learning Committee. In undertaking these tasks she draws not only on her own research and the research of others, but also on her considerable experience and excellent record as a teacher of health and physical education programs in the secondary school system.

Louise’s sustained and outstanding contribution to student learning is acknowledged in excellent teaching evaluations from students and feedback from the teaching profession on the competence of pre-service and graduate teachers. Invitations to present at local, national and international conferences and workshops and membership of a range of professional panels and advisory groups provide further evidence of her expertise. The project Louise initiated with Corinda State High School in 2007 is testament to the considerable energy she is willing to invest in the development of teaching and learning partnerships with industry stakeholders. In 2006 Louise was recognised nationally with the award of a Carrick Institute Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, for innovative health promoting pedagogies that will increase the efficacy of health education in schools.

Louise serves as an excellent role model. She has a sophisticated knowledge of her subject matter and high expectations of her students. Louise demonstrates respect for the varied perspectives and learning needs of local and international students as they undertake challenging courses on morally sensitive issues. She creates a safe, supportive environment in which to share her passion, expertise and enthusiasm for teaching. She challenges and inspires students to extend their boundaries and approach their own teaching with energy, commitment and confidence. Her teaching and learning activities are a reflection of her student-centred approach and her response to what she refers to as the 4C Challenges of Health and Physical Education Tutor Education - context, competence, confidence and creativity.

Louise supports students during their practicum with encouragement and advice in electronic and face to face communication, and is responsible for the challenging role of working with ‘at risk’ students and their supervising teachers to assist progress. This requires highly refined pedagogical and negotiation skills to ensure the best outcome for all concerned. Assessment and feedback strategies are grounded in the need for authentic practice, are intimately related to school practicum experiences and prepare students for their future roles in the design and delivery of school health and physical education programs.

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