Dr Julie Duck
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Organisational Unit:
School of Psychology


Dr Julie Duck is committed and passionate about her teaching, valuing quality student outcomes.  She enjoys the challenge of exploring the most effective way to communicate ideas to stimulate interest and understanding.  She is reflective and scholarly in her approach and is meticulous in planning to ensure her materials and examples are up to date, relevant and interesting.  The success of this approach is reflected in excellent student evaluations. Students appreciate her clarity in explaining complex statistical concepts, particularly the way she makes potentially dry and boring subject matter interesting and stimulating.  They also appreciate her support of their learning and down-to-earth and honest manner in her roles as Director of Studies in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and as a postgraduate supervisor.

Julies teaches in a range of areas demonstrating her versatility and multi-disciplinary approach. For example she teaches in her research area of social psychology, introductory social science and advanced research methods.  Both colleagues and students alike consider her to be an engaging presenter with the ability to structure clear and coherent courses that facilitate excellent learning outcomes for students and the broader teaching programs to which she contributes. She actively works to foster independent learning while responding to students' requests for structure and models of what is required in assessment.  She is also an effective and respected research advisor, providing supportive and effective research supervision at all levels of candidature.

Julie seeks student and tutor feedback and comments and takes these very seriously.  As a result, her student evaluations have been consistently high.  In her role as Director of Studies she is considered to be approachable, considerate, helpful.  She demonstrates thoughtful and intelligent responses on equity and fairness issues and is transparent in applying due process for staff and students involved in problems or disputes, making sure that realistic decisions are made that serve the long term interest.

Julie has demonstrated significant leadership in the School of Psychology and in the Faculty. For example, she served a three-year term as Chair of the Postgraduate Policy and Executive Committee in the School of Psychology.  In this role, she introduced initiatives to improve outcomes for postgraduate research students such as, establishing a new committee structure for PhD supervision, revising the confirmation process in the school, instigating a series of brown bag lunches and seminars for research students on career development and research-related topics and integrating the orientation program for new postgraduates.  In her current role as Director of Studies in SBS, she has similarly demonstrated leadership though the SBS Teaching and Learning Committee, where she oversaw the mapping and embedding of graduate attributes and introduction of a systematic curriculum review process for sequences of study.

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